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“Replica Patek Philippe watches are first-rate in technology. At present, Patek Philippe is the only manufacturer in the world that making Patek Philippe Replica Watches by hand and Replica Patek Philippe Watches making whole process is finished in the original factory also insists on Replica Patek Philippe Watches traditional technics. Switzerland watch circle called this traditional hand making as Geneva 7 Traditional Watch Making Technics. It combines the traditional technics of designers, watchmakers, goldsmith, sculptor, china painters and lapidaries. Patek Philippe believes that the famous replica Patek Philippe watches made by hands of craftwork masters is art treasures. And this is what Replica Patek Philippe Watches mostly proud of.

Two of the top Swiss-made watches are Patek Philippe and Bregeut. Both companies make exquisite watches with multiple complications and jewels. Patek Philippe holds the record in number of complications. In 1989, they created a pocket watch in honor of their 150th anniversary with 33 complications including a celestial chart with 2,800 stars.

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Interpol: The Trail Of Dr. Chaos Review

“Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos is a casual computer game based on the currently popular genre of seek-and-click games and does a good job at this. The game’s interface is similar to other games in the genre, so if you have played those games previously you will have no problems accessing Interpol.

As usual in these games you have a fixed amount of time in each level to search a couple of locations throughout the world for clues to the whereabouts of Dr. Chaos. Each location is a messy room filled with all sorts of items. A list on the side of the screen lists the clues you must find at the location. Once you have recovered the number of clues required you proceed to a mini-puzzle, such as having to find 10 differences between two images.

The game fails a bit in introducing new players on how to play the game, but on the other hand the game mechanics are easily understandable and should allow new players to figure out the game for themselves. Especially if you are experienced in the genre you will have no problems getting into the game.

A problem with this game, as well as most others in the genre, is that, English not being my major language, a few words means nothing to me. Luckily the Hint button can be used for this, but it is not fun having to use the Hint button due to a language barrier.

A bit on the downside the game is a bit too easy. Especially the mini-puzzles take very little time to complete.

The graphics in Interpol are nice but are not outstanding. Especially the mission briefs are a bit dull and I found myself wanting to skip these and get on with the game. Other than that the locations are neatly drawn and the items easily identifiable – if you can find them that is.

The music fits the game and theme nicely without being too intrusive or repetitive. The only annoying part is the sound effect for when finding an item in a location. It becomes a bit irritating to listen to after a while of playing.

In conclusion the game is done quite nicely and the atmosphere of the game is very intriguing. Sadly, though, the game does not contain much new, but fans of the genre will get a few hours of fun out of the game.

Gameplay – 7/10
Graphics – 7/10
Sound – 6/10
Overall – 7/10″